Monday, October 3, 2016

Week Six: Peak 10 Challenge #6

Three more weeks.  Holy cow!  That means - 3.5 weeks until our vacation....and a bikini.  Oy.

But, my spirits are buoyed by my 2-pound weight loss last week so let's get to it!

Monday: PeakFit Pure Cardio

I made a last minute decision this morning to do this workout backward, meaning I'd get the lunge jumps in the last circuit done ASAP.  And they weren't horrible!  Go figure!  The rest of the workout went smoothly, knowing those were over and done!  My lunch workouts may taper off a bit with the addition of my midweek CS.  But hopefully I can get two lunch workouts in a week.

Tuesday: Dozois' Tip Top Shape + weights

Today, I really needed to take it down a notch.  So many high impact workouts in a row gets to be exhausting.  So I kept Michelle's weighted workout low-impact, except for the burpees with weights.  And it was a good morning workout!  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center....but I forgot my worksheet so I had to wing it on weight amounts.  I still got a good workout!

Wednesday: PeakFit Anytime Anywhere

After two nights of little sleep, I felt very lethargic this morning.  But I reminded myself that this workout is slow to start with the high I was able to ease into a full workout.  And in the end, I made it all the way through this workout without changing or subbing a thing.  Wow!  I was proud of myself!  At lunch, I walked a mile (round-trip) to a cafe - and did more walking around campus later in the day.  

Thursday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength

Doing my extra Cardio Strength workout in the morning is tough.  This one has burpees in the first five minutes.  Oy.  My energy was seriously lagging so I didn't do them.  And I felt guilty.  But I got through the rest of this workout - well, all that I could in 40 minutes.  We have auditors on campus today and tomorrow, which means no lunch-time workout. 

Friday: Dozois' BodyFit 360

I wanted to move a bit this morning, while still taking it easy, especially since I wouldn't get to work out at lunch.  So, 360 it was!  The original is so much fun!  I cut the cardio short so that I could fit in all the stretch.  Lovely!

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn + Amy's Metabolic Meltdown

Time for some serious cardio this morning.  This CIB is a lot of fun - but still a challenge with some very tough peaks.  I made it through and then did an additional 30 minutes of cardio with Amy's workout.  It's good because it's not all high-impact.  I was a bit tired after all this so I did a long stretch and called it quits.

Sunday:  PeakFit Cardio Strength 2

I was so not feeling it this morning.  We went to brunch for my dad's birthday so this workout happened after a big meal and I felt gross.  I got through it - somehow - and then finished up the CS from Thursday morning.  And I was exhausted.  I did five minutes of my own cardio to cool down for a total of 65 minutes of working out.  Oy.

Calorie Counts:

This week wasn't bad but it wasn't great….and it was hard to track.  I ate a lot of lunches out because of work events.  But I tried to keep it healthy whenever possible.   It's always fun to get a salad at  a pizza place….and watch all your co-workers eat pizza.  Sigh.

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