Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Have you heard of Yoga with Adriene?

About six months ago, someone mentioned it in a Facebook post.  I looked at the page but didn't know how to incorporate yoga into my daily routine.  So, I mostly forgot about YWA.  

Then, in December, in the same Facebook group, I heard of a 31 day Yoga Revolution, led by YWA.  What an interesting idea?!  And for some reason, I automatically, almost without thinking, signed up for it.  

There's really no signing up.  If you want to do it, go to her page every day and watch the video.  But if you want to sign up, you get a daily email to go along with the video....or to remind you to do the video.  LOL!  Either way, YWA is free!  

So far, I'm really enjoying the Revolution.  It's starting with basics and progressing.  Adriene doesn't throw a lot of fancy flow at you.  In fact, the first really "heated" session of flow happened just yesterday, on day nine.  But even though it starts slow and builds, my shoulders ached for the first five days.  Ached.  Turns out all those down dog and four-legged poses really work your shoulders! 

Anyway, I'm enjoying doing the videos every day after work.  It's very calming after the chaotic drive home.  I can already tell I'm getting stronger...and I love progress!  

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