Monday, April 3, 2017

Cathe Challenge: Week Two

I've gone six days without a workout break....and I won't get one until Friday.  Eek!
But I'm enjoying the different workouts that Cathe has to offer through her streaming site.  She's still not my favorite instructor (ahem, Michelle Dozois), but she's a nice change.  

Monday: Cathe's 80s Style Cardio with Low Impact Blasts Live + walk + YWA

I have no idea why I thought this 80s Style Cardio would be less intense....but it wasn't.  It caught me off guard!  I made a bit of it low-impact, just to have a break from all the jumping.  Dang!  Cathe definitely works you hard, no question!  At lunch, it was gorgeous outside, so I walked for 25 minutes.  Traffic was awful going home, which cut into my YWA schedule for the day.  I ended up doing this practice, to help with anxiety.  Appropriate.

Tuesday: Cathe's For the Love of Cardio + weights

I hate not knowing what I'm getting in to with these Cathe workouts.  This one was very similar to yesterday's 80s style....if not the tiniest bit less intense.  My only complaint so far: she does so many moves, over and over, in every single workout.  I like variety.  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center.  Yay!  That always makes me feel good - when it's over.  

Wednesday:  Cathe's Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing + walk + YWA

So after all these Cathe workouts, I'm getting tired.  Thankfully, this kickboxing workout had less jumping than my previous workouts this week.  Hallelujah.  And I'm finding that I like Cathe's kickboxing.  For some reason, my FitBit tells me that my heart rate is higher with this than with straight cardio, like I did on Monday and Tuesday.  No idea.  At lunch, I walked outside for 25 minutes.  It was another gorgeous day out (after horrible storms last night).  I did a good YWA today - it was nice and flow-y.

Thursday: Cathe’s Cardio Circuit Mashup + YWA

This was a good workout that alternated one cardio move and one weighted move - usually.  I kept it all low-impact, needing the break.  To be honest, Cathe’s cardio moves are difficult to make low impact - but I managed.  It was a good workout.  My one complaint is that sometimes, Cathe does the weighted moves too fast.  I can move fast and I’m familiar with compound exercises - but these are very difficult for me.  This YWA was a short bedtime yoga.  Nice!

Friday: YWA + YWA

Finally!  A rest day!  I needed this.  My morning started with Adriene’s healthy energy flow.  I thought it’d be harder than it was - but I really enjoyed this one.  I got a good enough workout without feeling like it was too much on my rest day.  Honestly, I’m loving the effect that yoga is having on my body.   In the evening, I did Adriene’s 20-minute bedtime yoga - it was definitely relaxing.  

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn RemixYWA

I didn’t know how this CIB would go but it was great!  I needed a good workout after two lighter days.  And this one is definitely a good workout.  After all the Cathe workouts, this one reminded me of just how much I love Michelle.  I have a newfound love for her, actually.  Ha!  Cathe is very limited in her moves so Michelle’s were so refreshing today!  After that 55 minute workout, I added on 15 minutes of my own cardio to get a longer workout.  Later in the day, I wanted some good yoga so I tuned into this one - day 27 from Yoga Revolution (my January Challenge).  It’s a good one!

Sunday:  Cathe's Solid Cardio Plus HIIT + The Gymbox's Extreme Cardio + weights

Today, I was back to Cathe.  This was a good, solid (ha!) cardio workout that did not have much of a dread factor (I found out, after the fact).  This one may be my favorite so far!  Amazing!  After that 45 minutes, I tuned into Dana's workout on the Gymbox.  It was kickboxing and HIIT.  I took some breaks from her cardio to do some weights.  Then, after 20 minutes of that, I did the 12-pound weights for five minutes.  And then a nice stretch and sit-ups.

Calorie Counts

We just won't go there this week.

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