Friday, May 5, 2017

Let It Go Already

I have a new theme and it's very Frozen-esque: Let It Go!  

If you follow my weekly workout blogs, you know that I put a lot of pressure on myself.  Well, I put that same amount of pressure on myself in every aspect of my life.  Work, crafts, reading, knitting, hair....

Yes, hair.  All of this can be tied, metaphorically to my hair.  I hate it.  Well, actually, I like the color is used to be before it got darker - auburn - but I've always hated my curls.  They're never consistent enough, never not-frizzy enough, never poofy enough, or too poofy.

Well, I went to the salon on Saturday and told my stylist just how disgusted I was.  We discussed habitually straightening it, a Brazilian blow-out, a relaxer....  And just about the time my highlights (auburn/blonde!) were set and she was ready to start cutting, she had an idea.  She changed the shape of my hair and used a new product in it.  Once I got home and my hair had dried, I loved it.  It was a bit messy, a bit wavier rather than curlier....and it had volume.  

I was done.  I went out and bought the product and however my hair looks now, I'm fine with it.  It's never going to be perfect.  But I'm going to live with it.  I'm not going to OCD-out.  

Now I just need to apply this new attitude to different aspects of my life. I'm just about there with my weight, but more to come on that later.  

For now - just let it go and be happy, for gosh-darn-sakes!  Ha!

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