Monday, May 1, 2017

Cathe Challenge: Week Six

The last five weeks have flown by.  Why does time go by so fast - except when you want it to go fast? Ha!

I'm excited for another week of Cathe.  I need to make it to the rec center at least twice - to walk and to do weights.  That's my mini-goal for the week!

Monday: The Gymbox's Cardio Dance + walk + YWA

I tried a new instructor today, Jenny, and she is a huge improvement over Jodi.  Her moves are relatively simple, easy to follow, and she keeps you moving.  Jodi would have you watch too much without actually doing.  So, it was a good low-impact morning.  Just what I needed!  At lunch, I went to the rec center and walked the track.  I also did some ab work.  After work - and a rough day - this yoga for mood strings looked good and it was!  Very nice!

Tuesday: Cathe's 2015 Road Trip Kickboxing Class + weights + YWA

This morning, kickboxing sounded lovely!  I wanted to work hard and Cathe made sure that I did.  There was plenty of cardio mixed in with this kickboxing and it kept me working!  Very nice!  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center.  I'm really, really dreading weights these days.  I've gotten to where I'm lifting some heavier weights and all that work and's just not fun.  Ugh.  At least it's over for one more week.  After work, I did a super short (nine minutes) YWA.  My legs were burning by the end - dang!

Wednesday: Cathe's High/Low HIIT Live with Step + YWA

I'm running out of cardio workouts on Cathe Streaming - 85% of the videos use weights!  So this morning, I did a video that uses the step amidst HIIT blasts.  It was good, despite my not having a step.  I could easily modify the moves and still got a great workout.  The video was a bit shorter so I added on my own cardio to get a full workout.  After work, I did a video from Yoga Revolution and it was soooo good!  

Thursday: Cathe's HIIT Fit Circuit Live + walk

Cathe excels at cardio + weight workouts.  I'm loving them lately!  This one was a great one, just like last week's Boot Camp Blast Off.  Cardio then weights, cardio then weights....with lots of compound exercises. Love it!  In this workout, the tricep excercise almost killed me.  I can't remember my triceps hurting so much!  Wow!  At lunch, I walked outside.  And, as usual, my FitBit had me at a higher heart rate walking than during circuit training.  WTH?!  I really need to just take my pulse sometimes, I guess.  

Friday: YWA 

Rest day!  This YWA for Weight Loss was great!  Lots of flow - so much flow that I was getting worn out!  But it was good and really tested my thigh strength.  What a nice way to start the day!

Saturday: The Gymbox's Extreme Cardio + Beginning Kickboxing + barre

It's hard for me to do Ashli's Extreme Cardio at 5:30 am so I did it today instead.  Dang!  So much jumping.  Instead of doing all the core she did, I jogged and jumped rope instead.  It's hard for me to do that much core in the middle of cardio.  After that 40 minutes, I tuned into Dana's kickboxing, which I made more high-impact.  It was fun!  I really like Dana's workouts.  And after that full hour of cardio, I went back to Cathe's workout that I did on Thursday in order to do the 10-minute barre section I couldn't do the other day.  Wow, it hurt!  Finally, after all that, a stretch and sit-ups.

Sunday: Cathe's Intensity Bootcamp + Peak 10 More Cardio Strength

Major hurdle passed and a HUGE accomplishment today.  I upped my cardio weights to the 12-pounders!  I started off with Cathe's Bootcamp track on her Intensity DVD to test the 12-pounders.  It lasted 15 minutes and alternated cardio spurts with compound weighted exercises.  Then, Michelle and a very difficult CS - using the heavier weights.  And I did it!  I did it all!  It was tough and I was sweating like crazy but I got through it.  The major difference - I was sore before the workout ended.  Tomorrow will be an achy day.  But, yay!  After all that,  a stretch.

Calorie Counts:

Monday -1177
Tuesday - 1177
Wednesday - 1169
Thursday - 1172
Friday - bad
Saturday - 1297
Sunday - 1289

I did not get on the scale.  Ugh.

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