Monday, May 8, 2017

Cathe Challenge: Week Seven

I'm actually a bit sad that this Cathe Challenge is winding down.  Thankfully, my subscription to Cathe Live doesn't end until I can keep doing these awesome workouts.  

With only two weeks until the cruise, I'm super motivated to work out as much as possible.  

Monday: Cathe's Long and Sculpted Legs + The Gymbox's Beginner Kickboxing + YWA

Today, working out in the evening, I had a bit more time.  Cathe's leg workout (be sure to click the link - it's a preview!) was insanely effective.  My legs were screaming after the barre.  The standing work lasted thirty minutes and then I tuned into Dana's kickboxing on The Gymbox.  That was really good, and not slow at all, despite being a beginner class.  That lasted for 30 minutes so I got a good all-around workout.  I finished off with YWA's yoga for cyclists - perfect after all that leg work!

Tuesday: Cathe's Fitness Fusion + YWA

I forgot what my Cathe workout would be like today and was excited to find a bit of kickboxing in this one - along with plenty of cardio and some circuits.  It was a good cardio workout!  Once Cathe started on legs, I picked up my weights and did arms for five minutes.  After yesterday, my legs were doing quite well. After work, I did a more flow-y yoga that got me a bit sweaty.  That was nice!  

Wednesday: The Gymbox's Cardio Dance + YWA

For my weekly low-impact workout, I did another one of Michelle's (not Dozois) Cardio Dance workouts on The Gymbox.  It was fun - she is definitely spunky!  And chipper!  But that's good in the morning...especially these mornings when I've been so tired.  It was a good workout. After work, I did this yoga, meant to start my day.  It was a good finisher - a way to do something to calm down after traffic and reset for a night at home.

Thursday: Cathe's Cardio Boxing with Stability Ball Abs + weights + YWA

Boxing time!  Yes!  I always look forward to Cathe's boxing and this workout did not disappoint.  Lots of boxing plus cardio bursts to keep my heart pounding.  My one small complaint was a lack of kicks - but otherwise, I had fun!  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center - I'm up to 60 pounds in some of my arms exercises.  Dang!  I was glad to be done with this for the week.  After work, Yoga for Swimmers!  Why?  Because it looked to have some good arm stretches and it did!

Friday: Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp Workout

I've run across a lot of free, online workouts lately and thought to give one a try - just for something new - on my rest day.  This one was different and not too intense, so it seemed perfect for my tired self today.  There's about 25 minutes of low impact cardio in this workout before you go to the floor to finish off the full 42 minutes.  The ballet-inspired moves were fun and different - which I'm always up for.  I didn't love the instructors, but oh well.  I don't know if I'll do this one again but I'll keep the link, just in case.  At lunch, I walked outside for 20 minutes - but not at my usual fast pace since it was a rest day.

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix + cardio + 5-Minute Low-Abs and Obliques Workout + YWA

Major working out today!  I started off with CIB Remix - which is my favorite CIB.  Love it!  I then added on 10 minutes of my own cardio for a total of 65 minutes.  Yes!  Then, I did a Popsugar ab workout and that really did the job.  Dang!  I could barely finish the thing, my abs were screaming so.   And finally, a stretch and then YWA.  I really like this YWA - it's calming with just a bit of stretching and flow.   A good day!

Sunday: Cathe's Boxing with Leg Blasts Live + Fit n' Firm Live

I was looking forward to Cathe this morning - and then she thoroughly wore me out.  (I've found previews of the workouts so click the links above.)  I did all the standing work in the Boxing workout - about 50 minutes.  Lots of cardio and lots of boxing - then HIIT with legs and weights.  Oy.  After that, I tuned into Fit n' Firm - all weights - to get some arms and weights done.  It was good!  I only did 15 minutes but need to come back to this one!  After that, a stretch and ab work.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday - bad
Tuesday - 1206
Wednesday - 1174
Thursday - 1174
Friday - 1353
Saturday - 1690
Sunday - 1320

Not the best week.  But my weight is the exact same.  No change, no matter what I eat or don't eat.  Ugh.

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