Friday, May 12, 2017

More Cathe to Come!

I've been reading a lot about thyroid stuff, metabolic conditions, and calories.  When I recently asked my endocrinologist about workouts, she suggested a do 50/50 cardio/weights.  I'm sure not doing that now; I do a lot of cardio, as you can tell.  So I'm wondering if I'm doing too much cardio and eating too little, which can seriously mess up your metabolism.  

By browsing Cathe's fitness forums on her website, I've decided that maybe I should just re-think my workouts.  Perhaps a really big reset is needed.  And because I'm OCD and crazy, I've already planned out this reset....

After vacation, I'll take a week to get back into the groove of things.  Then, I'll start a 3.75 month rotation of Cathe's STS program.  This is her weightlifting program.  My days will look something like this...

Monday - upper body 
Tuesday - lower body 
Wednesday - HIIT
Thursday - cardio and then weights at the rec
Friday - rest/light day
Saturday - upper body and some cardio
Sunday - lower body intensive

I'm going to hit my legs hard because I've always wanted better legs.  And I'm going to try a few tricks to not have to buy any more weights.  They get to be just too expensive.

Also, I'll be eating more.  The summer is the one time of year we're not prepping for vacation so we're generally more lax in our diet.  That should help as weightlifting requires more calories if you want to build muscle.  

So that's my plan.  If you're curious about Cathe's STS program, look into it online.  I'll see my endocrinologist at about the 1-month mark of the rotation, so that'll be good.   

Let's hope this has a positive impact on my body!

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