Monday, August 23, 2010

Club Night

I took a great step on Friday night - socially and craftily. I went to a StampinUp Club Night!

I found a demonstrator - a different one than the one who stood me up - online and sent her an email. The email went just in time for their once-a-month Club meeting. The demonstrator was super nice - she even gave me a $10 catalog that I'm used to paying for. And the other ladies - three club-members - were also super sweet. One was even my age, though she has a son (thereby making real friendship most likely impossible).

And, best of all, we made three adorable cards! Seriously, one is so cute that I'm hesitant to give it away! I would post them here, but that seems to be a copyright infringement of someone else's original ideas. So, you'll just have to believe me when I say they're uber, uber cute! I also learned some spiffy new techniques - many of which require equipment I can't afford! - and felt quite the novice among these crafty ladies!

I'm really torn as to whether I should join the group. It costs $15 a month and then, on top of that, you must place a minimum $15 order every month. This seems a bit extreme to me. Or, there's a card buffet once a month, where you make five cards for $15. If I did all three, that's $45! I don't know if I should commit to spending that each month, especially when all my stamping supplies are still in East Texas, with the parents. Then again, I need a social life. Hm....


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