Monday, August 30, 2010

An Easy Fix

The door debacle on Friday threatened to ruin my weekend.....but an unlikely savior swooped int to help. My boss!

Once he heard of what happened via email Friday morning, he said he could fix it. I had known he did woodworking as a hobby, but I had no idea he was so handy! Apparently, he'd fixed a similar door before. (Apparently this problem is not unique, especially in older homes.) We went over to my house at lunch and an hour later, the door was perfect!

I was so grateful that I could have jumped for joy. And, despite my dad's dire warnings that it could break again, I'm not going to worry. I have too much to worry about without having a messed up door!

I like older houses but I just don't feel equipped to deal with these types of problems on a day-to-day basis. I was lucky that someone could help so easily this time around....but what's going to happen next? Hopefully, nothing!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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