Friday, August 6, 2010

Crafty Attempts

My stamping consultant has moved far, far away and, therefore, I've found myself in need of a new consultant, preferably one near my near abode. I contacted a lady not too far away and she seemed very enthusiastic about me "adopting" her for all my stamping needs. After talking to her a bit, we set up a time for me to swing by her house to pick up a new catalog.

The appointed time for our meeting was eminent yesterday so I called the consultant when I left my house, per her instructions. There was no answer. Five minutes later, I tried again: no answer. On the fifth call, when I was blocks away from her house, she picked up the phone.

"O goodness, I meant to call you sooner," she exclaimed. I slowed the car and made to turn around; I knew something was wrong.

It turns out her husband was away and she had to pick up the kids in a suburb. Instead of calling me, she apparently forgot how to read a clock. Now, back when I tried my hand at selling make-up, I never would have asked a customer to come to me. She did this and I excused it....she was on my way to Mr. Higgins' house, after all. But for her to blatantly forget an appointment is inexcusable, in my book.

She said she'd be home in forty-five minutes and asked if we could meet then. Of all the gall! I said no, I had other plans. Around seven she called back and left a message (I didn't want to answer the phone). She was only halfway apologetic, saying she'd had a crazy day. If that was the case, why didn't she call to reschedule?

I'm debating whether to give this woman my business, since she obviously needs to learn a few about doing business!

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