Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alaska Cruise

We're getting on a cruise ship tomorrow with my parents to go to Alaska!  I've never been to Alaska so this is too exciting!!

I'm trying not to think about the recent fire on Grandeur of the Seas or the volcanoes spewing ash in far southwest Alaska.  If I die at sea....well, there are worse ways to go.  Ha!

More than anything, I'm worried about spending a week on a ship with my dad.  Last time, Mr. Higgins' parents were along for the cruise, as well as my parents.  This time, it's just my parents.  Oy.  My mom is a saint to live every day with my dad....  But I'm no saint.  

Let's hope he doesn't bring up wanting grandchildren.  And let's pray my patience is a lot better than it usually is!

Wish me luck!  

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