Thursday, May 16, 2013

GOT Season 3

Are you watching HBO's "Game of Thrones"?  

It really is amazing to me that HBO is capable of producing such amazing TV.  The books transfixed me; the show blows me away each week.  How do they do it?!  How do they write such great episodes?  

For people who haven't read the book, I'm sure it's a confusing show. There are so many characters, so many families, and lots of places to keep straight. Somehow, though, the writers keep it all wrapped up in a tidy package - if you pay close attention each week.  And I love hearing the reactions of viewers - the surprise, the awe, the disappointments....

George R. R. Martin has written five books in A Song of Fire and Ice, with two more books planned.  We have to hope he gets these two books written, that the series is finally finished.  In case he should die, the writers of the HBO series were told what Martin planned for the last two books.  The TV series is currently dealing with material from the third book.  So, Martin needs to write - quickly!  

If you're not watching the show, I highly recommend it.  Actually, I would say to watch the first season and then read the books.  There are so many characters that it's good to see the show first to be able to keep them all straight.  And remember - HBO has to have lots of gore an sex.  This is HBO - not Martin.

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