Monday, May 27, 2013

Bran Muffins: The Search Continues

On Royal Caribbean cruise ships, we love the buffet, especially the pastries and desserts.  Every morning they have delicious muffins, including bran muffins.  I never thought I would like bran muffins but at Mr. Higgins' urging, I gave them a try.  Delicious!!!  

And so I wanted to make my own bran muffins.  So many recipes call for pure bran cereal....and that's not my favorite stuff.  It makes mediocre muffins but nothing great.  I finally stumbled upon a recipe that used real wheat bran and was low in calories (around 110).  Of course, it took some looking to find wheat bran; I finally happened upon it at Kroger, which is quickly becoming my favorite stop for "fancy" foods.  

On Tuesday, I whipped up these muffins.  They're.....okay.  Definitely not anything great.  I ate three over the course of several days and then couldn't stomach anymore.  

And so my search for a yummy bran muffin continues!

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