Friday, May 24, 2013


For the past two years, I've had a bit of a moratorium on clothes shoppingMr. Higgins and I were saving for our first home together, I was helping with our wedding, we were trying to fill the house with furniture....  Other things, clearly, took precedence.  

So rigid was I in my shopping ban that I frequently frustrated my mother when we would "shop" together.  I would pick something out, only to hang it up again.  

Well, she got a surprise on Saturday.  I'd lifted my ban.  I was in desperate need of clothes - capris, work clothes, grown-up clothes!  I always feel like my everyday clothes are too young  - i.e. something a college student would wear.  I would really like to feel like I'm dressing my age - i.e. more mature....sophisticated.  

I met my mom on Saturday at some new outlet stores nearby.  Oh, boy.  I went a little crazy.  I bought three dresses.  This, for me, is going crazy.  I had ordered some things online prior to this shopping excursion so I felt like a clothes glutton.  But it was great

Finally, I have some cute clothes!  Clothes that don't make me feel sloppy or bad about myself!  It's amazing what a few contribution to one's wardrobe can do! 

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