Friday, May 3, 2013

Clark Gardens Revisited

While my in-laws were in town, we took them to Clark Gardens.  I had been there recently with my mom....but, this time, everything was in glorious bloom!

The lily pads were so pretty!!  The waterfall was so serene.  And all the trees, vines, and plants were brilliantly green!

Clark Gardens is quite big and we saw more of it this time around than on my first visit.  We all adored the picturesque lakes and bridges.

And pansies!  They won't be around much longer but thanks to a cool spring, they're still gorgeous!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love pergolas? 

And the best part: fields of bluebonnets and poppies.  I was in awe!  

We even learned something new: bluebonnets are not always blue....they can also be pink or white.  Who knew?  Anyone who has been to Texas in April or May knows how much we Texans love our state flower.  And for good reason - it's so unique.  

If you haven't been to Clark Gardens, I suggest you hurry on over there while the bluebonnets are still blooming!  

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