Monday, November 11, 2013

A New Beginning

On Friday I said good-bye to my job of seven years.  Today, I begin a new chapter in my work life.

In the religion department, and possibly in every building on the east side of campus, to go "across the street" is to sell out.  What one sells out of, I don't quite know, even after seven years.  Is it selling out of academia?  Selling out of being a rebel on the other side of campus?  Selling out to go to administration? 

I have no idea.  But, I'm selling out - by going to work in administration.  And my new job is, to make matters worse, in the swanky building where the Chancellor works.  At least I'm not on the same floor as the Chancellor - because that's an even bigger evil, according to university veterans.

But.....  I don't care.  I'm so excited to begin anew!  Wish me luck; my first week is sure to be overwhelming and exhausting!  But exciting!! 

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