Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall = Soup!

Now that it's fall, I'm back to freezing soups for us to eat for lunches and quick dinners.  I love how easy this makes life during the week! 

I recently tried a new recipe and it was great!  Chicken Enchilada Soup!
  To make it diet friendly, I cut out almost all of the cheese and skipped the tortilla chips.  I added only a tablespoon of 2% shredded cheddar cheese and Mr. Higgins was fine without even that.  We both really liked it.  It is a nice addition to my chili and taco soups - and different enough to be distinctive and exciting!  I'll be making this very often!

Mr. Higgins loves cornbread so I've been trying to perfect my skillet cornbread skills.  I'm doing pretty good!  

I'm already wanting to get started on Christmas baking.  There's so much I want to make (and eat!) and not enough time, as usual.  We have another December cruise this year which makes the holidays even crazier.  So I'll have to get to baking SOON!


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