Monday, March 9, 2015

Combat Challenge: Thoughts and Conclusions

Wow.  I just finished 8 weeks - technically 7.5 weeks - of Les Mills' Combat DVDs.  It was a nice change of pace from my normal workouts and, generally, I enjoyed it.  Here are some of my thoughts and conclusions....


You're given three different calendars to choose from with the Combat DVD set.  I can't remember which one I chose but it was the middle one. I've gotten to where I like these calendars as a way to stay on track and motivated.  Then again, I'm OCD and like to plan.  

Within the calendar you alternate between HIIT and kickboxing workouts.  This is nice since the kickboxing tends to focus on arms and the HIIT focuses on legs (with the exception of weights).


I would call myself an advanced - but not crazy - exerciser.  I have no problem doing intense cardio for long periods of time.  With Combat, however, I learned that I have my limits when it comes to jump lunges and burpees.  Whew!  These HIIT workouts definitely challenged me in new ways, which I enjoyed.  They made me stronger and improved my fitness level, for sure.

Aches and Pains

With more intense workouts comes the possibility of injury.  With Combat, I experienced more aches and pains than ever before.  No longer do I think that my body can do anything; I've learned my limits.  

The most troublesome pain was my lower back.  I cut back on burpees and that helped temporarily, but then the pain returned.  Hopefully, ten days on a cruise ship will help this....


While I can't give you numbers because of my thyroid weight woes, I can say this: the HIIT workouts had a huge effect on my legs.  I saw a change in them and Mr. Higgins said they are more toned for sure.  My outer thighs or saddlebags are less noticeable.  If lunge jumps do this, call me a believer.  I'll do them every day!  Ha!  


I don't know how often I'll do an eight week Combat Challenge like this.  It's rough on my body....but the results are great.  I guess I'll turn to this when I feel like I've reached a plateau, which I had.  Eventually, I'd like to come up with my own Combat/Peak 10 calendar to incorporate both.  

All in all, I'm pleased with the results and proud of myself for completing 8 weeks, even when new aches surfaced.

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