Monday, March 23, 2015

Week One: Peak 10 Challenge #3

My second Peak 10 Challenge ended in November so I'm due for another one!  And the timing couldn't be better: 10 weeks until the next cruise and hopefully close to honing in on the right thyroid dosage.  

Monday: PeakFit Pure Cardio + yoga

I really enjoy Pure Cardio so it was fun to get back into it this morning.  It's like a Cardio Interval Burn but without the peaks - so just a tiny bit less intense.  At lunch, I did yoga at the rec but our teacher was sick and we had a sub.  She was not nearly as good and practically yelled at us the entire time.  Ugh. 

Tuesday: Dozois' Tip Top Shape

Since I do weights at least once a week at the rec, I'm skipping the Pure Strength workouts in this Challenge.  I'll do weights at the rec instead and one weighted workout in the week, like today's.  This workout combines cardio and weights and I love it!  Despite not doing consistent cardio, the weights keep my heart rate up throughout.

Wednesday:  PeakFit Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout + yoga

I knew today's AA workout would be a killer and it was, though it wasn't quite as bad as my mind had built it up to be.  But going from cardio to the floor and then back up for the "peak" move is difficult anytime.  I got through it, modifying only the burpies for another high impact move.  At lunch, our instructor was back for yoga.  She made us work but it felt good.  I just wish she had let us stretch more.

Thursday:  Ilyse's Full On Cardio Blast + McLean's Attack Your Metabolism + weights

This was supposed to be my "rest" day (when I do BodyFit 360 or yoga or something) but it looks like a workout will not be an option on Saturday, making that a real rest day.  I'm bad about taking real rest days so it's good to have them forced upon me now and then.  I had to reshuffle my schedule and did a lighter workout today.  Ilyse's workout surprised me: I did not remember the amount of non-stop running, jumping, and skipping she does in this one.  Dang!  McLean's workout was a level 1 so I amped it up a bit, jumping and running when he stepped.  At lunch, I did weights and walked a lap.  

Friday:  Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

My rest day tomorrow means a CIB today.  This was my first CIB and still one of my favorite workouts ever.  It's so much fun and feels so good to do again after a long break.  I wanted to walk at lunch but had to go to a work thing instead.  Boo.

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength - Fat Blaster + Ilyse's Groovy Dance Party

A new workout video from Michelle….oh my goodness!!  I was so excited when she put out a new CS and CIB and even more excited when they arrived this week.  After watching the movement review on the DVD, I started this new workout - and it was a lot of fun!  I'll have to do it again before I review it for you - but it's good!  I wanted to get some more work in today so I turned to Ilyse's Dance Party, which is fun and kept my heart rate up.  After 1.5 hours of cardio, I decided to stretch and do some ab work.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1280
Tuesday - 1284
Wednesday - 1298
Thursday - 1298
Friday - bad
Saturday - bad
Sunday - 1263

I really wanted to weigh this week but didn't, choosing to wait one more week to let the new meds get into my system.  My mom was in town on Friday and Saturday; then I met a friend for dinner on Saturday.  I ate way too much but I'm to the point of not feeling guilty.  Sometimes, you need to be able to splurge, as long as you don't make a habit of it.

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