Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Omelets (2015:3)

Within the last year, my relationship with eggs has taken a dramatic turn.  It started with hard-boiled eggs.  Growing up and in my 20s, the only way I'd eat eggs was scrambled.  But last year, I decided to try to perfect my hard-boiled egg technique and, in doing so, learned that I really like them!

And so I started trying omelets.  Cruising gave me the chance to try them for free and I learned that I really like them, too!  Holy cow!

The next step was learning to make omelets at home.  I tried but kept failing, inevitably having to make them semi-scrambled.  And then a co-worker said to keep the heat low and steady.  Voila!  Those simple words yielded the perfect omelet.  It was so perfect that Mr. Higgins smelled me cooking one and asked, rather sheepishly, if I could make him an omelet sometime.  Wow!

It's incredible just how limited my palate was in youth.  I keep finding more and more yummy things...which is not always good!  

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