Friday, March 20, 2015

Thyroid Update

It was the beginning of October, last year, when I killed my thyroid with radiation.  Since then, I've been on what feels like a hormone roller coaster.  I guess that's a bit extreme but let's just say that I'm still not back to normal.

I went on medication for being hypo (since I no longer produce a thyroid hormone naturally) in December.  Ever since then, I've been getting bloodwork done every two weeks and then my doctor has tweaked my meds after every bloodletting.  It's been a bit tiresome.  

This last time, I was so close to having the perfect number - 0.  But it was 5.  So, more tweaking, yet another trip to the pharmacy...  Here's hoping this final round of meds is the right dosage.

My main symptom of being hypo is weight loss - or lack thereof.  My weight just....stays.....about 7-10 over my norm.  Given my workout schedule, you can imagine how much this frustrates me.  

I'm tired of going to labs to have blood drawn; I'm tired of the pharmacy; I'm tired of having no control over my body.  Who knew such a little organ could cause so many problems in the grand scheme of your body!

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