Friday, October 9, 2015

Angels and Demons

I've always had a few issues with Dan Brown.  However, Mr. Higgins loves his fast-paced novels and appreciation for history.  And that's one thing I can concede: Brown writes good, suspenseful fiction.

After Mr. Higgins re-read Angels and Demons, he really wanted me to read it, so I did.  Grudgingly.  

My Goodreads review:

After having seen the movie, I had my doubts about Dan Brown's first novel featuring Robert Langdon. But the book brought a nice surprise: it made so much more sense than the movie! There were plot twists and turns that the movie ignored. Those twists and turns brought a welcome depth to the story. 

Dan Brown has a gift for making ancient and medieval topics available to the public. My only complaint is his "history" - at times not at all accurate and sometimes heavily reliant upon myth, not fact. But he writes engrossing novels, and Angels and Demons held up nicely to the DaVinci Code.

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