Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good Food, Good Times

I'm dying to share with you all of our hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.  But first....food!  We ate so well on this trip!

It all started when we stopped for two nights in Colorado Springs to see friends.  Said friends are foodies and they took us to some fantastic restaurants.  

A brunch scramble with sweet potato hash browns - yum!

Dinner - a burger to die for!  

And drinks.

And more drinks.  With pansies!

Our last brunch in CO Springs.....  A Bacon Jam Breakfast Burrito for me.  To.  Die. For.

Chicken and Waffles for Mr. Higgins.  

I think I gained five pounds in Colorado Springs…..and it was only day three of vacation when we left!   Wow.  

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