Friday, October 23, 2015

First Hike, Part 2

After our stop at Dream Lake, we turned around to catch the trail to Lake Haiyaha - a new lake for us!

The trail went up - gaining quite a bit of elevation.

But that elevation gain led to some great views.  We could even see Bear and Nymph Lakes!  We'd just been there!

Once we got to Haiyaha....we didn't know if we were there.  Huge rocks and boulders led to....nowhere.  We finally found the lake and it was quite pretty.  After a short rest, we started back down to Dream.

My favorite part of this hike was definitely the views of the valley below.  Just incredible!

And my second favorite part: the chipmunks!  I love these little guys!  

That concludes our first hike!  It was a short day of hiking - about 4 hours.  We took our time and took a lot of pictures, trying to make the most of the day and our time in the park.  

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