Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sea Salt Progress

My first adult sweater is progressing.  I'm now done with ALL the hard stuff.  Yay!!  I'm so happy.  Last weekend, I finally started on the last bit, which is actually the largest bit, the body.

Still working on the last sleeve.
The previous weekend, I wanted to pull my hair out and cry.  I misread the pattern and started knitting the body completely wrong.  I frogged rows and rows....which is so frustratingly hands ached, my fingers ached.....  

I then finished the neckline last week.  

Now, I'm on to the body, after picking up over 200 stitches.  Whew!  At least I knew what I was doing since I'd already picked up those stitches the first time around, only to knit the rows wrong and rip it all out.

I keep wondering: why do I knit?  Why torture myself?  Well, I love yarn (how it feels, how it knits up).  And I love making things.  Once done - if you ever get done - the sense of accomplishment is priceless.  And as much as I hate making mistakes, I like learning how to fix them.  

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