Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Eight: Combat Challenge #2

It's my last week of the Challenge!  And a short week, too, so I better make the most of these workouts!

We leave for vacation early, early Friday morning.  I must be ready to hike mountains by then!

Monday:  Les Mills' Sh'Bam #17 + Michelle's Calorie Burning Cardio Blast

I'll cancel my Les Mills On Demand subscription this week so it was my last time to do any of these workouts.  I've really enjoyed Sh'Bam and last week reminded me that #17 is my I did it again this week.  Ha!  But it's SO much fun!!   I finished off my morning with Michelle's cardio intervals.  These intervals are always great!  Business interfered with lunch so there was no additional workout.

Tuesday: Les Mill's Combat #59 + weights

Combat was on the agenda today and that made me happy.  Actually, anything other than Grit makes me happy these days.  Ha!  I didn't really remember this Combat from last month, but it was fun!  It lasted about 35 minutes.  I then did my own cardio.  At lunch, I did weights at the rec.  

Wednesday:  Les Mills' Grit #5 + Ilyse's Heart-Pumping Groove + walk

So today was difficult.  This Grit is led by Les Mills Jr. and he's tough.  My heart rate had to be sky high!  But it was good to feel maxed out - weird, I know.  After that 25 minutes or so, I tuned into Ilyse's low-key Groove, which is tons of fun.  At lunch, I did my last session of inclines on the treadmill.  I went as high as it would let me, slowly working my way up, stayed at the top for 3 minutes, and then slowly came down.  Again, over 200 calories in 20 minutes.  Dang.  I'm glad this was the last session of inclines. 

Thursday: Les Mills' Combat 60 - Extreme Cardio Fighter + walk

I was happy to do this workout today.  It's fun and not too traumatic starting out.  This was a good option since my On Demand subscription is no more (as of last night).  I meant to do weights at lunch but my nose was sniffy and I feared I was getting sick.  So, sharing space with a bunch of undergrads did not sound fun.  Instead, I walked the 1.2 mile loop around campus.  At a little over 20 minutes, it's the perfect length!

And now it's vacation time!

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1296
Tuesday - 1257

Wednesday - 1257
Thursday - 1297

So proud of myself this week - since I was so hungry!  Ha!  

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