Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Second Hike, Part 1

Our second hike - the longest of our RMNP hikes earlier this month - was unplanned.  The winds that plagued our first hike were still blowing like crazy and that eliminated higher elevation hikes.  

We just happened to hear about the hike to Fern Lake - and how nice it was.  And so we decided to try it, starting early in the morning.

For the first hour, the trail was lovely - and flat!  The cool morning was nice but, thankfully, not too cold. 

We were delighted to see aspens and their fallen, golden leaves, softened our path.

After an hour and two miles (yay, flat trails!), we reached Fern Falls.  It was a very nice waterfall - and a great place to take a break.

Another 1.8 miles later - the trail was no longer flat - we reached Fern Lake.  And it was gorgeous!  I was unused to seeing so many trees lining a lake - and I loved it!  I could have stayed here for a very long time.....

But Mr. Higgins wanted to explore.  Odessa late was just up a short (ahem!) we should go see it, right?  We gained quite a bit of elevation quickly on the way - but the views were incredible!

And then the trail flattened and we walked beside a river.....and then the winds picked up.

Odessa Lake opened before us....and she was beautiful!  Similar to Fern, but unique.  Across the lake from us, there was a beach!  

We couldn't stay here long due to the gusting winds but I hope we can go back sometime!

After admiring Odessa, we turned back and headed down to Fern Lake.  And once we got down there, Mr. Higgins saw another trail to another lake.....  Something tells me my feet will be hurting by the end of this day!

Stay tuned..........

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