Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All the Light We Cannot See

I had heard many good things about Anthony Doerr's World War II novel, All the Light We Cannot See.....and I'd seen it everywhere.  So I finally got to reading it.

The story was fascinating from the beginning with the "present" timeline of 1944 and flashbacks into the past, to show how the characters got to where the end up.  A blind girl, Marie-Laure, and her father escape Paris when the Germans come and flee to seaside Saint-Malo.  Orphan Werner grows up in a German mining town before the Nazis recruit, educate, and deploy him.  

Both of these characters find themselves in Saint-Malo at the height of the American bombing in September of 1944.  

Doerr's story is truly special and interesting; I enjoyed it.  My one complaint was that the writing style seemed pompous - as if Doerr knew he was writing a Pulitzer Prize winner.  And I tend to avoid that type of writing.  However, the story was so special that I can overlook it.  

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