Monday, May 16, 2016

Week Six: Peak 10 Challenge #5

Only three more weeks left in this Challenge!  And four weeks until I'm in a bikini!  Eek!

I'm going to be out of town Tuesday through Friday (San Francisco for a conference), so it'll be interesting to see how this works.  Usually, I have no problem getting up and working out, even on a trip.  Let's hope that trend continues.

Monday: Dozois' Total Body Cardio and Strength

This may be my only day with weights this week (except for the weekend) so I did Michelle's fun workout.  I love it....and I really love how easy plank walk ups are for me now!  Cool!  I meant to go the rec for more weights at lunch but work was crazy.  

Tuesday:  PeakFit Pure Cardio

A traveling day.  Once I got to San Francisco, I checked in early (thank goodness they had a room) and did Pure Cardio before my tour of the city began. I was crunched for time but I'm glad I got it done!  It wasn't easy since I did the whole thing (I usually have to skip 5 minutes) so I was proud of myself for getting through it.  

Wednesday: PeakFit Anytime Anywhere

My system is all screwed up with the time change.  I went to bed early so I got up early and did this workout.  I was going to do an additional Glo workout but the internet wouldn't work. So I did my own bodyweight exercises for ten minutes and then stretched.  Still a good workout!

Thursday:  Peak10 Cardio Interval Burn - Fat Blaster

Since I'm missing my additional Cardio Strength this week (I couldn't bring along my free weights to San Francisco), I did an additional CIB instead.  And let me tell you, in order to get up early while out of town to work out, there has to be very little dread factor in said workout.  So I chose to do this CIB again - though I'd done it over the weekend.  It really is a lot of fun and truly enjoy it.  So, 55 minutes of cardio followed by 10 minutes of stretching and abs.  

Friday:  Dozois' Barre Fusion

Ah, a light day.  I did this workout and added on a bit of stretching for 35 minutes of work.  This Fusion is like a condensed BodyFit 360.  Very good without being too long.  At the end, Michelle throws in some arm and ab work.  I wish there was a bit more stretching but overall, it's very good!

Saturday:  PeakFit Cardio Strength 2 + McLean's Cardio Hip Hop

After eating bad in San Francisco, I was back home today and ready to work hard.  This CS is tough but I really like it.  The last circuit always gets me - so very challenging!  I then did 25 minutes of McLean's dance, making as much high impact as I could.  I wanted to work hard and I did!  Then, 5 minutes with the 12-pound weights, ab work and a stretch.  

Sunday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn

I didn't have as much time today to work out but I got through this CIB.  Whew!  It's another one of my favorites and it's tough. The peaks really get me, for some reason.  I did a full 10 minute stretch afterward.  

We're just not going to talk about calories this week.

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