Thursday, June 15, 2017

Amish Bread

Another birthday at work meant another baking opportunity this past week.  Cool!  I'm not getting to bake nearly enough lately!

I searched around for recipes and had almost decide on my scones when I saw this post about Amish Bread.  Growing up, Amish Friendship Bread was very popular in my mom's kitchen and, though I didn't remember the exact taste of that bread, this one sounded good enough to try.

I made no substitutions except for using Splenda for half of the sugar for the loaves.  My one recommendation - put enough cinnamon/sugar in the insides of the loaves as you can do without more on top.  This make it extra appealing when you cut into the bread.

Mr. Higgins loved this bread so I though it safe to take to work.  And everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  It's not quite what I expected but I still liked it and will keep the recipe.

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