Monday, June 12, 2017

STS Rotation #1: Meso Cycle 1 Week 2

So considering how sore I was ALL last week, I think that STS is going to be a very effective system.  I just hope I'm not sore for it's entirety!  

I'm looking forward to week two!  It's amazing how changing up one's workouts can really keep you motivated and excited!

Monday: STS Chest, Shoulders, Biceps + DanceFit + XTrain Core Bonus 1 + YWA

I was still sore from my Butt Bible on Sunday - my inner thighs were aching - so it was good to focus on the upper body today.  I did all this at the end of the day so I started with DanceFit - which I did last week and really enjoyed.  Then, STS - which was much more challenging than last week.  I upped my weights, as directed, and that really made a difference.  Ouch!  And so many push-ups!  After that 55 minutes of pain, I tuned into Adreine's Upper Back yoga - lovely!  And to finish off, ten minutes of abs (Cathe's XTrain) - ouch!

Tuesday:  Cathe's Low Impact Step + Pauline Nordin's Butt Bible Lower Level 1 + walk

So I'm waking up 15 minutes early on Monday and Tuesday to get in either an STS workout or a Butt Bible. Today, I started with 30 minutes of Cathe's step - it was alright.  Then, Butt Bible!  Level 1 is so much easier than level 2!!  But it's still painful, especially since my inner thighs still hurt.  I got through it and had a nice 5-minute stretch afterward.  At lunch, I walked at the rec center just to get some steps and feel more active.  Life interfered after work, which meant no YWA.  

Wednesday: Cathe's HIIT 30/30 + Hardcore Series: Low Max

I was a bit nervous about this HIIT....but it wasn't too bad.  In fact, it was a bit easier that last week's 40/20 HIIT.  Cool!  I'm glad I'm not getting out of shape since I've decreased my cardio!  After that 30 minutes, I finished off my workout with Cathe's Low Max - an oldie but a good one.  Of course, I have no step but that didn't matter!  I moved and jumped just a bit and got a good workout!

Thursday:  Cathe's Keep the Cardio Coming + weights + YWA

The times I've looked at this live workout, I've written it off because Cathe uses the stability ball for a cardio sequence - and some light weights.  I did it without either one and got a great workout!  It's good to do intervals on Wednesday and sustained cardio on Thursday - the variety is good.  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center - whew!  Glad that's over with for the week!  After work, this YWA got me all hot and sweaty!  Nice!

Friday: Peak 10 Dynamic Flexibility + Cathe's Xpress Leaner Legs Abs 

Rest day - yay!  I started off my morning with Michelle Dozois' Dynamic Flex, which I love!  You move in every direction and really get your muscles nice and stretched out.  After that, almost 10 minutes of abs with Cathe - ouch!

Saturday:  STS Legs + Pauline Nordin's Butt Bible Lower Level 2 + 120 lunges + YWA

OMG.  Talk about a tough morning.  I started off with STS Legs - which was 60 minutes of leg torture.  In a good way, of course.  Then, to move for a bit, I did 120 walking lunges with cardio interspersed to keep my legs happy - that took 10 minutes.  Next up - Butt Bible level 2, which is not easy.  Ouch!!!  I got through it but let me tell you - the lunges at the end were a special kind of torture.  I then did some sit-ups, stretched a bit, and finished off with Adriene's short hip routine.  Nice!

Sunday: Cathe's Hardcore Series: Kickmax + STS Biceps and Back

I was ready for cardio this morning and Kickmax was fun!  I did 35 minutes of the kickboxing which included a high impact blast.  Fun!  My thighs were definitely tight after yesterday's leg torture session.  At the end of that nice little cardio session, I was good and sweaty!  I then moved on to my STS workout for the day.  Triceps are always painful and today was no exception.  But I felt super accomplished after this hour of weight work.  I did a nice stretch to make my muscles happy!

Calorie Counts:

I had a few good days but it was Mr. Higgins' birthday week which meant some bad eating.  However, I'm doing my measurements every Sunday and I was done - again - in all areas except arms this week!  Awesome!

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