Monday, June 26, 2017

STS Rotation #1: Meso Cycle 1 Week 4

I think I'm seeing changes in my body.  My legs seem to be firmer, for sure.  Either way, I'm definitely more confident in my body and I'm telling myself that's enough.  Because I don't want to get on the scale.  Ha!

As this last week of meso cycle 1 approaches, I must say that the recovery week that'll come after this week is sounding really nice.

Monday: Ilyse Baker's Dancinerate: Burn With the Beat + Pauline Nordin's Butt Bible Lower Level 2 + YWA

I started off with a new DVD today!  I loved Ilyse on FitnessGlo and this video made me realize how much I miss her.  She moves fast in this DVD but I had fun, with what I could pick up on the first try.  After that 20 minutes, it was time for 30 minutes of the Butt Bible.  Considering my bum was still sore form Saturday, this did not sound appealing.  And it really, really hurt.  I upped my hip thrust weight to 14 pounds.  Dang!  After that, stretching the bum felt wonderful!  This YWA was a good way to end the day - lots of balancing.

Tuesday: STS Chest, Shoulders, and Biceps + walk

Wow.  All these push-ups are killer.  There seemed to be so many in this 10th STS disc.  But I got through it.  And I'm amazed at how difficult it is to go up in weights with these exercises - except chest flies.  Sigh.  Oh, well.  I got through it and felt stronger afterward!  At lunch, I walked at the rec center and then did some planking.  It always feels good to move and loosen up the muscles at lunch!

Wednesday: Cathe's Intensity Series: IMAX 2

Wednesdays have been reserved for HIIT but I switched it around this week and will do HIIT tomorrow.  Today, IMAX 2 was on the agenda for steady cardio.  Cathe used a step; I did not.  But I got a great workout.  The step sequences weren't too overly choreographed - only one or two completely confused me.  As it was, I got through them and definitely got through the "bursts" of high intensity work.  This ended up being a good cardio workout!

Thursday: Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit Live + weights + YWA

So I had Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit on my schedule for today.  And I just couldn't do it.  I hate that workout.  So I decided to do the live version instead, to try out something new.  The live one was very difficult.  But I think the tiniest bit easier than the original. All the core work was standing, which didn't feel as effective, but I've always hated going to the floor in the middle of a workout for crunches etc.  So, yay!  I did this workout after work, because I'd felt bad in the morning.  So I also missed weights at the rec center.  I did them at home and it sure felt effective.  Dang!   And, finally, I did a nice, calming YWA.

Friday:  YWA

Finally, a rest day!  This YWA is an earlier one from Adriene, set outside.  But this is the stage in her career when she's hitting her stride so it was good - not too difficult for the morning and flow-y all the same.  It was super nice to get stretched out this morning!

Saturday: Cathe's High/Low HIIT Live + 160 Lunges + STS Legs + abs

Today was tough!  I started off with 160 walking lunges - that got my heart rate up!!  Then, Cathe's HIIT worked me hard.  Dang!  I skipped the weighted exercises - or did them without weights.  But I got a great, 30-minute cardio workout.  After that, STS time!  I was not looking forward to legs and it was not easy - but I got through it!  I even added on some weighted hip thrusts at the end.  Then, about 7 minutes of abs (from Cathe) followed by a lovely, lovely stretch.  I'll hurt tomorrow.

Sunday: Cathe's Cardio Kicks + STS Back and Triceps + abs + STS Extended Stretch

I was looking forward to my last STS workout of Mesocycle 1, let me tell you.  I'm ready for a break.  But first, there was work to be done.  I really enjoyed the 35 minutes I did of Cardio Kicks - an older Cathe kickboxing workout.  It was a ton of fun and I'll have to do it in it's entirety sometime, for sure.  After that, it was time for STS.  I must say that the one area I'm seeing a bit change in, outside of my legs, are my triceps.  So this was a fun 55 minutes of making them hurt - ha!  After that, I did 6 minutes of abs (from Cathe) and then her Extended Stretch, which is very nice!

Calorie Counts:

Not a great week but it wasn't too bad.

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