Monday, June 5, 2017

STS Rotation #1: Meso Cycle 1 Week 1

STS (Shock Training System), here we go!  

My rotation is based loosely upon 2 Lazy 4 The Gym's Glute-focused playlist.  I don't have all of her DVDs and some are just too expensive or me.  But I'm going to do what I can with what I have.  Wish me luck!

And I'll need luck as I'm on the tail end of a cold.  Ugh!  The challenge will be keeping my snot to myself.

Monday: STS Chest, Shoulders, Biceps + DanceFit + YWA

I started the morning off with light cardio - Dance Fit, which is a Latin and Retro dance workout led by Tracey Mallett.  I hadn't touched this in years and it was more fun than I remembered.  After that 30 minutes, I did my first STS workout.  Wow.  50 minutes of push-ups and lots of weights.  My arms and shoulders were aching.  This is going to be an effective system, for sure.  After that, and a stretch, I did Adriene's quick yoga ab workout.  

Tuesday: STS Legs + walk + YWA

My first STS Legs went well!  I had to improvise some of the riser movers with a step stool....  And there was no improvisation for one move (stability ball wall squats)...but that's okay!  I was able to do the rest!  And OUCH!  This is going to be a challenge, for sure.  At lunch, I walked outside for 30 minutes.  Then, I did a nice, short stretch after work with Adriene.  I meant to do a longer video but it wouldn't load.  First world problems!

Wednesday: Cathe's HiiT 40/20 + Low Impact Circuit + YWA + Cathe's STS Ab Circuits

Back to cardio.  And I couldn't believe how sore my arms and shoulders still were from Monday and then, a new ache today: my bum.  It made some of these HiiT move difficult!  But this was a good HIIT routine with an appealing run time - 25 minutes!  So, afterward, I did 20 minutes of a Cathe step video.  Some of the steps (on the step) were a bit too complicated for me but I still moved.  After work, I was inspired to do more so I did this 27-minute YWA - though it's not my birthday - and then 15 minutes of Cathe's yoga ab workout on Ab Circuits.  Ouch!

Thursday: Cathe's Solid Cardio Plus HIIT + weights + YWA

This was my second time doing Solid Cardio and it was fun - despite a headache this morning.  Ugh.  I just can't get well, it seems.  But at least I got a good workout in!  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center.  I even changed something up - for good.  I'm back to doing leg presses - though our trainer took me off of them for reasons unknown - and I'm NOT doing calf raises anymore. I like my skinny calves, thank you very much!  I was super proud of myself for getting through weights - because I was still sore from Monday AND Tuesday's STS workouts.  YWA was alright - that one is not my favorite and I need to remember that next time.

Friday: Cathe's Yoga Relax

Rest day - yay!  I've never done a Cathe yoga video so I was curious to try one today.  This one was definitely more stretching than actual yoga but that was fine by me.  I was still sore - every part of my body ached - so this was a nice way to get moving on a Friday morning.  I can't wait to try her other yoga video!

Saturday: Cathe's MMA Fusion + STS Back and Triceps + STS Extended Stretch

I was looking forward to more pain today!  Ha!  But to start off, I did 30 minutes of cardio with Cathe's MMA Fusion.  Her MMA workouts are boxing and I'm curious to try them.  This one was a bit slow at times but the combinations were good and complicated.  I wanted low impact and this fit the bill.  Next up: my first STS back and tricep workout.  Dang!  I'll be feeling my triceps tomorrow and for days to come!  My only modification was pull-ups/chin-ups because I have no way to do these.  I pulled on my band instead.  After that (55 minutes), the Extended Stretch - very nice!  And then some sit-ups!

Sunday:  Cathe's XTrain Tabatacise + Butt Bible Lower Level 2 + Lunges + YWA

Lots of firsts today!  This was my first time doing Tabatacise. I was dreading it...and though it almost killed me, I got through it without hating it.  Too much.  Ha!  That was a good, solid 45 minutes of cardio.  After that, I did 100 walking lunges.  Oy.  My heart was pounding.  Next up: the 30-minute long Butt Bible Level 2.  Ouch!  I don't remember my bum ever hurting so much. I skipped the jump lunges and had to do a few less side lunges near the end.  And to finish it off, a 14-minute YWA.  That was nice.  Anything to stretch my bum was awesome.  Ouuuuuch.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday - bad
Tuesday - 1302
Wednesday - 1837
Thursday - 1259
Friday - 1152
Saturday - 1361
Sunday - 1407

So I was bad for Memorial Day but other than that, I did pretty well, considering.  And only one day of eating my minimal calories - and on a good day, my rest day.  

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