Thursday, June 24, 2010


While other Americans go crazy for the newest iPhone, I'm ambivalent. I can understand why people want it: it sounds pretty awesome. As a Mac user, I'm keen to see all that Apple can come up with. But I do not and will not own an iPhone - at least not any time soon.

And it's not just my knee-jerk reaction to rebel against anything this popular... It's more of an organizational thing. I like my phone that can call or text or take a few low-quality pictures. I like my ancient iPod that I can take on a trip or plug into my car stereo. I do not want the two merged. Those are two separate things in my mind, and I want them to stay that way. Furthermore, I have absolutely no need for a phone that can record video. That's just crazy!

The cost alone is also enough to keep me away, even if I admitted that I liked the idea of having an iPhone. The plans are just outrageous, in my opinion.

So while others scurry to get the latest and greatest, I'm content with my ancient pink phone. It does exactly what I need to it to do (with better reception in the country than the iPhone)......and that is, to make phone calls.

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