Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ego That Is LeBron

Let's get this straight: LeBron James is not the king of anything.....except perhaps egos.

There was talk of wanting this guy to come to Dallas but I never jumped on that particular bandwagon. We need unselfish, team-oriented played, which clearly excludes James. It amazes me that this guy is only 25 years old; he looks about 35!

I listened to Cleveland residents cry and moan on NPR about the "king" who has "LOYALTY" tattooed on his chest. They do realize that this so-called "king" never brought a championship to their city, right? I may have to tune in the first time the Heat make the trek up to Cleveland...that'll be an interesting crowd.

It was news to me this morning that this so-called "class" of free agents was all orchestrated by the three big players involved: Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and James. They all negotiated their contracts to be free agents at the same time. Who would think that they would end up in different places after all that?

I'm done with this story. James doesn't deserve anyone's thoughts, much less their dislike. That would only further fuel his ego.

For a column on just how much of a debacle this all was, go here.