Friday, July 16, 2010

Meeting People

I went to a new girl for a haircut earlier this week. She was super sweet. At some point in our conversation, we discovered we were the same age. She mentioned how few people her own age she sees or meets. We agreed that it's very hard to meet new friends.

And we posed the question, where do people go once they surpass the age of twenty-five? Do they get married and fall into the black hole of family/kids? Do they get too busy with work to ever go anywhere except home and work? Where are they?

I've never had any luck meeting friends, except when I joined a choir. Even then, there was no one in there remotely close to my age. I just don't understand it! Where do people go?

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the secret knitter said...

Come to think of it, this is pretty much what I've encountered as well.