Monday, July 12, 2010

Weight Management

It was with severe trepidation that I got on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-in. I have not been eating well this past week and there has been some alcohol thrown in as well.

For women, it's common knowledge that dating can play havoc with any diet (or just a healthy eating routine). I've never met a man who knows or cares what is healthy or not. They all seem to eat whatever they want whenever they want. Mr. Higgins is a bit different but it's still a struggle to eat well at times.

So I was genuinely amazed that I hadn't gained anything over the course of last week and the weekend. I think it may be due to my metabolism which has probably been trained by four years of (healthy) snacking throughout the work day. Ha! It's a curse to be hungry every two hours but if, in the long run, that boosts my metabolism, then I'll be hungry!

Still, I went out and did forty minutes of yard-work yesterday evening when it was ninety-eight outside. Sweating away - theoretical - pounds made me feel better....and really, really hot.

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