Friday, April 18, 2014

Coconut Banana Bread (2014:15)

Mr. Higgins loves foods banana-y or banana flavored (even drinks)...and hates bananas themselves.  I love bananas but not usually things made with bananas.  The exception to my banana things rule is this Skinny Chocolate-Caramel Banana Bread, which I adore. 

When I saw a recipe for Coconut Banana Bread, I was intrigued, after having loved my other banana bread so much.  And because of my firece devotion to coconut, this recipe quickly moved up my queue.

First off, I did not make and never intended to make the lime glaze.  I wanted to save my calories and by using Splenda and egg substitute, this recipe came out at 120 calories per serving (16 servings).

When I went to check the bread at an hour, it seemed to be almost done, but I left it in for a few more minutes, just to be safe.  A few hours later, when I finally cut into it, I learned it needed another five minutes of baking.  This really annoyed me.  However, Mr. Higgins was ecstatic with the bread, saying it was better than the other banana bread.  I thought it was just too banana-y, perhaps due to the lack of chocolate.  That's my personal preference; nothing was wrong with the recipe.  In fact, I'll keep it and make it for Mr. Higgins occasionally. 

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