Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Peak Fit System

Dear readers...  By now, you know just how much I love the workouts released by Michelle Dozois, especially her Peak 10 DVDs.  Why do I love these workouts of Michelle's so much?  Let me count the ways...

-They're fun!  I have no dread factor for these, except for dreading push-ups and burpees all the time, no matter the video.

-Michelle is able to incorporate dance, plyometrics, HIIT, kickboxing, and circuit training into one video.  It's amazing; they're amazing!  You never get tired of one thing because you're quickly on to the next move.

-Michelle herself, and her crew, are an inspiration.  Michelle is in better shape than most women who are 20 years younger! 

-By the end of these workouts, you will feel like you've accomplished something great.  That'll keep you coming back for more and more!

I have all of Michelle's individually released Peak 10 videos....but not her system.  Her Peak Fit System is based on an 8-week program that she runs at her gym.  Thankfully, she's provided us at-home fitness peeps with a way to do it as well.  She sells the kit online which includes 10 workouts, packaged together with a food guide, bands, measuring tape, and workout schedule. 

Starting May 19, I'm going to do this 8-week program, without the meal plan.  (I already eat healthy and stay within the designated calorie range for what I want to do with my body.)  During that time, Michelle is running the program at her gym so she'll be super motivational online.  I'm so excited!  Michelle has said that after these eight weeks, you should do something else to let your body re-group and re-charge.  

So, for eight weeks, I'm going to use the Peak Fit System.  After that, I'll put the system aside and do 6-7 weeks of other workouts.  The goal is to shock my body with doing something different.  I feel like I've plateaued and this sounds like just what I need.  10 new workouts!   

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