Friday, April 11, 2014

Skinny Double Chocolate Muffins (2014:14)

After the huge success of Sally's Baking Addiction's Skinny Cheesecake Bars, I was tempted to try another one of Sally's recipes.

Always eager for chocolate and in need of a good muffin recipe, I decided to try her Skinny Double Chocolate Muffins last weekend.  I set out to mix all the healthy ingredients and almost forgot the sugar.  Eek!  Once the sugar was in and I was ready to pour the muffins into the pan, I tasted the batter.  Um....not so all.  I double checked the recipe but had not forgotten anything. 

I made the muffins, with little hope of success.  Once out of the oven and cooled, they smelled not good but...healthy.  It was an odd smell for a chocolate muffin.   I finally tried one and it was alright - nothing great.  Without the chocolate chips, they would be almost tasteless.  The chocolate chips definitely help - as does warming them in the microwave for ten seconds.  

Mr.  Higgins and I concur - though we ate all the muffins, we won't be making this recipe again.  

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