Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stella Bain

I missed a book group meeting and at that meeting, they chose to read Stella Bain by Anita Shreve.  I've long seen Ms. Shreve's books but have never touched one.  When I read the summary for this novel, I was no more interested.  But I gave it a try.  And then, with my in-laws in town (who read a lot), I found myself picking it up again and again when I had a few mintues to kill. 

Here's my review for Goodreads:

This novel, chosen by my book group, seemed uninteresting to me when I picked it up. World War I does not appeal to me; amnesia is not interesting; Anita Shreve doesn't write books that appeal to me.

But for some reason I had a lot of time to read and I kept coming back to this book. It ended up holding my attention far better than I would have imagined. Stella Bain's story was fascinating and I loved piecing together her memories as she discovered them. World War I was a fascinating back-drop as was London. The only "boring" part, in my opinion, was in the courtroom.

While the ending wasn't a complete surprise, it was very fulfilling to this reader.

This was my 17th book fo the year!  I'm really hoping to make my goal of reading 25 books!

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