Monday, September 22, 2014

Week Two: Peak 10 Challenge #2

We had another round of company last weekend so my healthy eating suffered....again. I'm super motivated to workout, though, and I'm ready for week two!

Monday: Pure Cardio

It was a blessing to sleep well Sunday night, making me happy and energizied this morning.  And Michelle is always good for the mood with her motivating peppiness.  I really do enjoy this workout though the last circuit - with lunge jumps - always gets me.  My arms have been sore since yoga on Friday so the punches were a bit painful.  But, all in all, a great workout!

Tuesday: Michelle Dozois' Straight Forward Strength Training on Glo

I've been wanting to try this workout since it posted to Glo a month or so ago.  This week gave me the opportunity, subbing it for Pure Strength 1.  Strength training is not my favorite thing so as much as I can mix it up, the better.  I really liked this Glo workout; Michelle is at her best here.  From now on, I'll add it to my rotations in my Peak 10 Challenges!

Wednesday: Alex McLean's Bodyweight Circuits on Glo + yoga class

Well, by now you know how much I dislike the Peak Fit Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout.  So when I needed something to sub in its place (because I'm not doing AA every week!), I found this HIIT workout by McLean on Glo.  It did not appear to be the hardest of his HIIT workouts but it had a lot of "peak" type moves and a lot of push-ups...which is like AA.  It proved to be challening, especially the floorwork, but it was a nice change!  There was about 30 minutes of HIIT total, after a warm-up, followed by some core work and a stretch.  I skipped some of the core work to do my own cardio before stretching.  My yoga class at the rec was nice - and difficult, with more core work than usual!  Planks!  Ack!

Thursday:  Tip Top Shape by Michelle Dozois on Glo

Wow.  I did this workout a few weeks ago and thought it a doozy....and it was again this morning.  There was sweat pouring off of me during this video that alternates weights and cardio.  I wish Michelle would post more of these kinds of workouts to Glo. They really are fabulous!

Friday: Peak Fit Dynamic Flexibility + Core Dynamics + yoga class

I was so looking forward to a light morning.  I did the first ten minutes of Core Dynamics and then Dynamic Flexibility.  It felt really good to stretch.  Part of my reasoning for doing my light workout this morning was because I knew about yoga....and Fridays is the hard yoga.  My legs were trembling afterward.  Wow.  I'm loving that class - so I must be a masochist!  Ha!

Saturday:  Cardio Strength 1 by Michelle Dozois on Glo + walk

When I began this workout, I couldn't really remember anything about it.  But as I went along, I gradually remembered that I liked this one!  Ha!  It's difficult but not so difficult that I dread it.  Michelle incorporates some new moves and peaks, which kept me guessing.  You have to love these Peak 10 workouts, that have me drenched in sweat in less than ten minutes.  Lte in the day, Mr. Higgins and I took advantage of the cool weather (90 degrees - LOL) and took a walk around the neighborhood.  It was very nice to get out and enjoy the day at home.

Sunday: Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

This was my very first Peak 10 CIB workout….but I haven't done it in a while and I always forget just how hard it is.  The first circuit is one of the hardest of all the CIBs, I think; it's non-stop and culminates with air jacks.  Wow.  It was fun to do this workout again - even if it's a sweat-fest.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1380
Tuesday - 1396
Wednesday - 1391
Thursday - 1356
Friday - BAD!
Saturday - 1474
Sunday - 1386

I'm glad my eating was better this week.  I tried some new recipes over the weekend so I had fun though I never ate horribly.  Yay!

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