Monday, September 29, 2014

Week Three: Peak 10 Challenge #2

With everything going on, it seems like I should be much further along in this challenge. Ha!  But I really am enjoying it!  My arms are sore after the strength workouts and my stamina is increasing again with all these high intensity workouts!

I'm ready for another week!

Mini goal this week: get enough protein!  For this challnge, your diet should consist of 25-30% protein, 20-30% fat, the rest carbs.  I'm usually at 20-24% protein so I have some work to do!

Monday: Pure Strength 1 + yoga class

Wow, my arms were aching after this workout!  The leg work is always a difficult surprise in this video, too.  All in all, it's very challenging....but worth it!  I love feeling my body change!  Yoga was much more about flow today so I got very warm and stretched out.  It felt good after my strength video!

29% protein!

Tuesday: Pure Cardio

I was super sore today after weights and cardio so the punches in this workout really hurt.  I honestly can't remember my arms hurting as much as they have in the last two weeks or so.  Maybe I'm finally doing something right!  LOL!  I must say that I'm getting a little tired of this workout.  Don't misunderstand: I like it!  But to do it every week for 8 weeks gets a bit monotonous.  I may try to find something else to do next week - with a similar level of impact.

27% protein!

Wednesday: Total Body Cardio & Strength by Michelle Dozois on Glo + yoga class

I had planned a lighter workout today but circumstances beyond my control (I'll discuss them soon), meant I needed to up the cardio now.  This one is tough but I really, really like it.  Lunch today was yoga - ha!  It was difficult but in a different way than Monday's class - we did more with balance, which is always a struggle.  But fun!

29% protein

*********************From Thursday lunch to Sunday morning, I'm out of town.******************

Thursday: Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

Wow.  I thought I was doing good through the first two peak circuits of this one.  And then the last two came along and I could barely catch my breath.  Whew!  But that was progress, at least, not being winded with the first peak circuit.  I'll take that baby step!

Friday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix

I was doing this workout away from home so….I was proud to get it done.  This is still my favorite CIB and, today, I really enjoyed it.  

Saturday: Dozois' Barre Fusion on Glo + Petra Kolber's Cardio Burst on Glo

Today, I tried to get my mother interested in Glo.  I thought Petra would be a good way to get her into it.  But, after 10 minutes, she seemed uninterested so we moved on.  Petra's accent distracted me but her low impact cardio was a nice change.  I loved Michelle's 30-minute Barre workout - basically a shortened  BodyFit 360.  It's tough but in a different way than high impact cardio.  I love it!  So, I had a nice 45-minute workout, again away from home.

Sunday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength

Or Peak Fit Cardio Strength 1.  I don't know why but this one was really, really tough for me today.  Sure, I didn't sleep well last night but that's nothing new.  I powered through, somehow, and felt good - but tired - afterward.  It's good to be home today

Calorie Counts:

This week has been crazy.  Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday were good.  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday….not so much.  Being out of town and out of the routine is always hard for the diet.  Back on the wagon next week!

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