Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That Time Again

Another year down, another year to ponder life's lessons.  Today marks my 33rd year of being in this world.  

Last year was a big year.  I finally found a new job, a real career, and learned about happiness and fulfillment in the workplace.  This was incredible!  At this time last year, I was interviewing for that job, not knowing what would happen.  I'm so thankful my boss decided to choose me over the other candidates.

And it's interesting to reflect on last year when I had my first real health issue.  Thankfully, my new, wonderful co-workers supported me when I had to stay home for a week because I was radioactive.  But that entire process reminded me of just how fragile our place truly is in this world.  

But looking at 33 from a different angle, Mr. Higgins was this age when we met.  Ha!  That's too funny!  I am so grateful that we found each other and no matter what the next year brings, I know he will make me happy, as always.

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