Monday, October 20, 2014

Week Six: Peak 10 Challenge #2

I'm back into my challenge - no more health restrictions! 

There's going to be a change this week, though.  Instead of the Pure Strength workouts, I'm going to utilize my free time with a trainer at the rec center.  This should be interesting!  I don't like working out in public but a co-worker has volunteered to go with me.  We'll see how this goes!

I'm still trying to keep my protein up as well!

Monday:  Ilyse Baker's Dance Intervals 101 + Michelle's HIIT - Breathless and Energized

I was excited to do something different this morning.  I started off with the lighter of the workouts, Ilyse's dance workout (30 minutes).  Last week was my first attempt at this one and it's fun - definitely more cardio than dance.  I like it!  I then went on to Michelle's short, 15 minute HIIT workout.  I like this kind of HIIT...  Two moves put together rather than one move over and over.  I finished off my 50 minutes with some lunges and a stretch.

32% protein - wow!

Tuesday: Ellen Barrett's Grace and Gusto + weights

A dear friend of mine just gave me Ellen Barrett's Grace and Gusto DVD and I couldn't wait to try it!  Today seemed the perfect day since I knew that weights were in my future at lunch.  Ellen's style hasn't changed much since her earlier Crunch DVDs but that's alright.  Her workouts are always unique and light for days when you need a break.  I'll post a review of her DVD soon.  At lunch, I met with the trainer to learn how to do all these fancy weight machines.  We didn't get through them all but my arms and legs were shaking after 35 minutes.  Wow!  I'll go back for more torture on Thursday.

27% protein

Wednesday: Pure Cardio + yoga

I was ready to get in some good cardio this morning and also ready to get back into my Peak 10 Challenge schedule.  Pure Cardio was so nice and familiar - especially welcome since I hardly slept last night.  Yoga at lunch was fun after a two week break.  I always enjoy the Mon/Wed class - which is lighter - and the friendly teacher.

27% protein

Thursday:  Alex McLean's HIIT - Bodyweight Circuits + weights

I'm finding myself faced with a dilemma on days I do weights at lunch, like today....  I can't do weights any other time during that week at home, if I'm doing them at work, so that means more cardio at home.  Yay, in a way, but I also miss my weighted work outs.  Sigh.  I also, amazingly, miss all the Pure Strengths.  This was my third time through McLean's HIIT workout and it's not any easier.  Thirty mintues of HIIT + tabata, a cool down, some low-impact moves, and some core work finish out my 50 minute workout.  Whew!  I added more machines to my weight circuit at lunch.  Ouch!  35 minutes of torture!  Even more to come next week.

27% protein

Friday:  McLean's Unless Your Inner Strength + Dixon's Skills and Drills + yoga

Once again in search of cardio, I wanted something not quite so intense this morning, after three mornings this week of high impact work.  I settled on two workouts which I did for 23  minutes (each ran for 30) each and finished with my own cool downs and stretch.  Both workouts were a level 2 (out of 3) - but I still sweated and worked hard.  McLean is always tough, even in a level 2 which consisted of burpies and lots of running.  Dixon's workout was a kickboxing one, but between kicks and punches, she had jumping rope and jack intervals to keep up the heart rate.  These two were a great combo and I'll probably do them again!  At lunch, I went to the rec center for hard yoga.  Wow.  The one thing I love about it is the great stretch, which always feels good after a long week of hard workouts.

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength

This was my very first Peak 10 workout so I know it well.  But it still kicks my rear-end every time!  Whew!

Sunday:  Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

Every time I do this CIB, I really enjoy it.  It's one of the tougher ones as far as non-stop high-impact moves, but it feels great.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1398
Tuesday - 1345
Wednesday - 1365
Thursday - 1345

Friday - bad
Saturday - bad!
Sunday - bad!

We celebrated my birthday with my parents over the weekend - and also celebrated my dad's belated birthday.  So there wasn't much healthy at all this weekend - but at least I got in some good workouts.  That's something, at least!

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