Friday, October 24, 2014

Ellen Barrett: Grace and Gusto (Review)

I loved Ellen Barrett's Crunch videos back in the day (those are ten years old now!) so it was exciting to see that she recently released some new videos.  I received Grace and Gusto for my birthday.

Like her older Crunch videos, Ellen sticks to low-impact moves.  You move in many directions but never vigorously.  This workout is live and is done on a mat and barefoot. 

Many of Ellen's moves are recycled from her previous workouts: side arm/leg lifts, plies, ballet legs and feet...  One new move in the workout is an arm twist that Ellen does several times throughout - and though it isn't difficult, you begin to feel it after a while! 

This fusion flow workout barely made me break a sweat but it was a lovely alternative to the more rigorouls fusion/barre workouts in my rotation.  Ellen's style is truly unique and can be done by women of all ages. 

Bottom Line: If you're a beginner or have trouble with high-impact moves, Ellen is for you.  She's also great for those recovery days when you just need a break.

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