Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Four: Peak 10 Challenge #2

For this challenge, I had a week and a half built into the middle - because I had 9.5 weeks before vacation - to do lighter workouts.  I thought a break in the midst of the Peak 10 insanity (i.e. high impact workout) would be nice. 

Now, I'm forced to do even lighter workouts for a week.  I have some medical stuff going on - I'll talk about that later - and I'm not allowed to sweat for a week.  In Texas, no sweating. Okaaayyy....  This means no "vigorous" workouts.

So, starting on Thursday, for a week, I'll be doing very light workouts - and weights.  I'll have to be careful to take breaks whenever I feel a sweat - ha! - coming on.  Wish me luck! 

Mini goal for the week: keep up my 25-30% protein!

Monday: Pure Cardio + yoga class

For the first time in days, I slept like a rock and woke up feeling rested.  Amazing!  I had planned on taking a break from this workout but since I won't do it for a week, I went ahead and did it again.  I do get a little tired of it but I always enjoy it!  I did yoga for the last time for two weeks.  It's so enjoyable and the instructor is so cute....I'm going to miss it!

31% protein!  Holy cow!

Tuesday: Alex McLean's HIIT - Bodyweight Circuits on Glo

I was ready for some different cardio - while I can still sweat - so I did this for only the second time.  It's tough but not impossible - and a nice change.  My only complaint about it is that there's no music - or at least none that I can hear. 

30% protein!

Wednesday: PeakFit Cardio Strength 2 + Dynamic Flexibility

My last day of full-out cardio workouts for a week.  Sigh.  This CS is tough - a lot tougher than I remembered.  I wore my new heart rate monitor for the first 30 minutes (until it annoyed me and I took it off) and my heart rate peaked at 191.  Holy cow!  Later in the day, when I wanted to move, I did Dynamic Flexibility.  Cool!  I love that one!  

29% protein!

Thursday: Ilyse Baker's Dance Intervals 101 + Alex McLean's Barre Blast - Cardio Barre + his Ab Lab (all on Glo)

And so begins my no-sweat mandate.  Sigh.  I chose some workouts from FitnessGlo that I thought would be fun and not sweaty.  I love Ilyse, I'm finding, so her Dance Intervals 101 looked good, mainly because all the move didn't have to be taken up to the jumping notch. Sure enough, this was tun and not sweaty, when careful.  Alex's Barre workout was good but I'm still not sure about his style.  This one made me sweat so I stopped after 10 minutes.  After stretching for 10 minutes to cool down (finally lowering my heart rate), I did Alex's Ab Lab, which is just planks.  Very good!  A total of 60 minutes!

26% protein

Friday: Michelle's Straight Forward Strength Training + Patricia Friberg's Lengthen & Tone (all on Glo)

Day 2 of no sweating.  Ready for some weights, I chose to do Michelle's Strength Training on Glo, in place of Pure Strength 1.  I really enjoy this one because it's so different from the PSs in PeakFit.  I had to take some short breaks to cool off but then I added about five more minutes of weights - basic bicep curls and such.  Wanting to stretch, I did about 20 minutes of Friberg's Lengthen and Tone - a yoga/pilates blend.  That one wasn't my favorite, which is why I only lasted 20 minutes.  A total of 70 minutes!

25% protein

Saturday:  Michelle's Barre Fusion + Ilyse Baker's Hip-Shaking Dance (both on Glo) + walk

I'm amazed at how much fun I'm having with these lower-impact workouts!  I started the morning off with a 30 minute walk.  It was our coolest morning yet here, in the high 40s, so it was just lovely!  I even managed some jogging.  I then did Michelle's Barre Fusion for the second time.  That's a really nice one - and a good length, at 30 minutes.  I then felt ready for more so I tried Ilyse's new dance workout - and it was so much fun!  I cut it off 5 minutes early - but 25 minutes of dance was plenty after all the rest.   A truly fun morning of working out!  85 minutes!

Sunday: PeakFit Pure Strength 1

And here we go - weights without sweating.  It's not easy but I took out some of the jumping moves - there aren't many but some - and managed to not sweat.  Never in my life did I predict worrying so much about sweat!  Ha!  I had planned on doing another workout today but after an hour of this one, I decided I needed to spend time with Mr. Higgins in lieu of more  workouts.  And I'm glad I did!  Sometimes, you just need to relax with your guy. 

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1380
Tuesday - 1321
Wednesday - 1341
Thursday - 1276
Friday - about 1600
Saturday - 1415
Sunday - bad

I did not get enough protein on Saturday and Sunday.  Sometimes, it just can't be helped.  And I threw my diet to the wind on Sunday, taking a break from worrying about everything I put into my mouth.  I usually do that on Friday but, this week, I had to stay in on Friday - no going out due to my health stuff.  

After this week, only three more days of no sweating.  Yay!  I think.

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