Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Orange Muffins (2015:6)

When I saw this recipe for Skinny Orange Muffins, I clicked on it.  When I noticed coconut oil was an ingredient, I almost laughed at the "skinny" tagline - you know how I feel about that yucky stuff.

And so, I modified this recipe for Administrative Professionals Day.  I used canola oil, replaced half the sugar with Splenda, used egg substitute (because my eggs were gone), and added 1/2 tsp of orange extract.  Like that, these muffins are 144 calories, which is at the high, high upper range of what I consider to be "skinny."  

Put the glaze on it, and these are not skinny.  But, you can really do with about a quarter of the glaze she calls for.  I did that, brushing it on instead of pouring it, and my co-workers loved them!  I may add a bit more orange extract next time - up to 1 tsp - because I love orange/citrus-y things.  Mr. Higgins enjoyed these without the glaze and they are super moist due to the yogurt.

I'll keep my modified version!

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