Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 2: Pre-Bermuda-Cruise Workouts

I'm super psyched by my recent weight loss and healthy eating.  We leave on Thursday afternoon so let's see if I can keep this momentum going!

Monday: McLean's HIIT - Bodyweight Circuits

I hate doing this workout on Monday mornings, especially after as little sleep as I got last night.  Somehow I managed it, though I didn't do burpees, as my recent norm.  This is such a tough workout, mainly because you spend about a third of your time on the floor.

Tuesday:  Amy's Complete Strength and Conditioning + walk

It was time for weights this morning and something a little less strenuous as far as cardio goes.  Amy's workout, much like the one I did last week, combines weighted strength sections with short cardio bursts.  It's effective and challenging without being crazy hard.  At lunch, despite every obstacle possible at work, I went to the rec and walked the track.  Then, some ab work.

Wednesday:  Cathe's Intensity + walk

Switching up my workouts this week meant I was guilted into doing Cathe's Intensity workout.  It's definitely effective, especially once the HIIT starts to get mixed in with the step.  I also did the Lo-Impact HIIT section, avoided the high-impact since it was 5:30am.  LOL!  At lunch, I avoided the temptation to go out with co-workers and went for my walk at the rec instead.  I was proud of myself....but sad to miss out.  I'll get to go out to eat more this summer - yay!

Thursday: Michelle's Cardio Interval Burn on Glo

Last workout before the cruise - we leave today!  I wanted a good one today and this did the job.  

This week, I did great on calories.  And I'm down another pound.  That means I'm down 5 pounds since the start of the Peak 10 Challenge, 9.5 weeks ago.  Yay!

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