Monday, August 31, 2015

Week Three: Combat Challenge #2

I'm really enjoying the change of pace that this Combat Challenge has brought.  And that's why I love these "challenges" - to change things up for a bit! 

As summer is winding down, our eating is no better.  It has to get better for the second half of this Challenge - September into October - before our trip to Colorado.  But until that "strict" time....we're trying to enjoy our favorites.

Which means I need some seriously good workouts to do!

Monday: Les Mills' Sh'Bam #15 + Dozois' HIIT - Breathless and Energized + weights

After a restless night, I was glad to have Sh'Bam this morning.  It was a lot of fun - though a bit lighter than some of them.  After that 30 minute video, I turned to Michelle's HIIT - one of my faves though it kicks my bum every time!  Dang!  At lunch, I forced myself to do weights at the rec - for the first time in almost three weeks.  UGH!  But I got it done.  

Tuesday:  Les Mills' BodyCombat #59 + walk/jog

I generally look forward to BodyCombat days but today my arms were still aching from yesterday's weight session.  So all the punches and jabs were a bit painful this morning.  At least it was fun!  After the video ended, I did my own cardio - sans punching etc.  At lunch, I did the treadmill, increasing my incline....and jogging for spurts.  Fun.

Wednesday: Les Mills' Grit #5

Wednesdays are great....except for Grit.  Ugh.  I really don't mind most of these workouts - except getting up and down from the floor.  That's tough.  And it's tough to do push-ups, moving push-ups, and mountain climbers for 30+ seconds.  Whew.  When this one was done, I did my own cardio to finish off my workout.  At lunch, I went to a wellness talk - so no working out. Yay!

Thursday:  Ilyse's Easy to Follow Dance Moves + Dozois' Heart Pumping Total Sculpting + walk/jog

I really needed a lighter morning so I was looking forward to Ilyse's dance workout.  It was fun, as always!  For some weights, I did Michelle's 20 minute workout....  It really gets your heart pumping, as advertised.  Wow!  At lunch, I did the treadmill again, gaining some incline and jogging for 60-second stints.  Fun.

Friday:  Les Mills' BodyFlow #64

My light day - yay!  It was nice to not jump around this morning!  I worked out barefoot, on carpet....awesome!  This BodyFlow workout was good - definitely a lot of stretching with a focus on hamstrings, which was good.  I always think nothing is happening with my body during yoga....and then, when it's over, I feel completely stretched out.  So nice!  I added on my own light cardio and stretched to make this about a 45-minute workout.

Saturday:  Combat 60 - Extreme Cardio Fighter + abs/stretch

My triceps were still aching from Michelle's Sculpting video, done on Thursday.  Dang!  So, I decided against weights today….though all the punching wasn't all that much better.  But it was fun!  I really do enjoy this Combat 60 workout.  I added my own cardio to make it a full 60 minutes of high-impact.  Then, some serious ab work and a nice stretch. 

Sunday: Dozois' Cardio Strength 2 on Glo + Ilyse's Groovy Dance Party

I did the first 5 minutes of Ilyse's workout to warm up and then on to CS2.  I really don't look forward to this one.  By the fourth circuit, I'm dragging….and the fourth is the hardest!!  But I'm always proud of myself for getting through it, especially on a day like today when I just wasn't feeling it.  I finished off with 15 more minutes of Ilyse's dance video - so much fun.  Then, a nice stretch.  

Three weeks down!  The fourth will cut a bit short…..

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